I will hold the hand you offer to me; from the summit down to this well, into the dark waters where the small flowers creep for the sun.
eternal. infinite. immortal. - post control ending mix
burial(forgive)//disparition(ditmas)//starwaves(m83)//where is my mind(pixles)//boadicea(enya)//house of the undying(ramin djawadi)//an ending(brian eno)//an ending,a beginning(dustin o'halloran)


MESSY LOVE; a yumikuri mix


o1; on my way - passion pit
o2; i follow rivers - lykkeli
o3; beginners - slow club
o4; punching in a dream - the naked and famous
o5; the con - tegan & sara
o6; my lovely - eisley
o7; i am not a robot - marina & the diamonds
o8; i am a heart - hey ocean!

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been meaning to put this up for a while! please enjoy this fanmix! thank you to angie, formerly tumblr user awfulwine.

burning — a mix for guts [ listen / tracklist ]

pedestal — a mix for griffith [ listen / tracklist ]

warrior — a mix for casca [ listen / tracklist ]

burial at sea | a morbid dirge in a doomed atlantis



Creatures of the Wind╼ A Stoker Mix (download)


BORN IN DARKNESS: a character fanmix for Talia al Ghul & Bane (x)

  1. Born in Darkness // Hans Zimmer
  2. Freak on a Leash // Korn
  3. Without You // Breaking Benjamin
  4. Underneath It All (NIN cover) // Scala and Kolacny Brothers
  5. Black Blade // Two Steps from Hell


lost innocence and beauty // a fanmix for queen guinevere and sir lancelot (requested by my-kismet)

Aniron (I Desire) – Enya // Fairytale – Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell // The Wardrobe – Harry Gregson-Williams // You’ll Be Queen One Day – Ramin Djawadi // Legend – Adrian von Ziegler // Be My Light – Michele Deboer // Chaconne – Secret Garden // The Execution Ballet – Trevor Morris // Siúil a Rún – Celtic Woman // Siren Song – Seay // The Death of Jane Seymour – Trevor Morris // The Trial of Lancelot – Heather Dale // Listen to the Wind – Hayley Westenra

art credit  (x)


cradle songs and gnawed bones; a mix for the great city of Dunwall, her people, and he who speaks to them in dreams. dun, undone, dying, done for.

The plague swept through here. The air is heavy and stale. I smell bones in the pylons, blood beneath the stone blocks. The doom of Pandyssia has come to the city.


i. why we build the wall; anaïs mitchell feat. greg brown | ii. dead man’s bones; dead man’s bones | iii. sabrina; einstürzende neubauten | iv. to the lighthouse; memoryhouse | v. soft feet; tasseomancy | vi. in all my dreams i drown; jessica lowndes & terrance zdunich | vii. dead of night; mount eerie | viii. parting chant; the haxan cloak

this tornado loves you — a levi/erwin fanmix

i see our enemies, i see them on their knees crawling across the floor — you kill them all

invisible — wild beasts | volcano — damien rice | beat and the pulse — austra | we’re the great — ghost in the shell ost | invaders must die — the prodigy | fast as you can go — liam and me | eyes wide open — gotye | this tornado loves you — neko case | stress — justice | staring at the sun — tv on the radio | affection — crystal castles | walking backwards — leagues

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young liars — an annie/bertholdt/reiner fanmix

we’re all short lived mass murderers right? aside from us, who else would be able to understand?

machine gun — portishead | stalingrad — tenkah | ghosts — ladytron | eat raw meat = blood drool — the editors | young liars — tv on the radio | we did it when we were young — the gaslight anthem | destroy everything you touch (hot chip remix) — ladytron | every night my teeth are falling out — the antlers | pumped up kicks — foster the people | bitter fate — stéphane moucha | sad monster — kumi tanioka

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barefoot pilgrims — a mix for courier six

your face does the thinking — two to the skull, yet one gets up. odds are against you… but they’re just numbers after the two-to-one. you’re playing the hand you’ve been dealt, but you don’t let it rest, you shuffle and stack, and a gamble… a gamble that may pay off? but how?

forecast: rapidly changing conditions.

molten light — chad vangaalen | barefoot pilgrim — balmorhea | she just likes to fight — four tet | watchman, what is left of the night? — greycoats | gunpowder and lead — miranda lambert | miles to go — stateless | reckoner (tenkah remix) — tenkah | endgame slideshow theme — inon zur & mark morgan

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await the dawn | listen 8tracks downloader

an instrumental mix for combeferre


still the question lingers | a combeferre/grantaire mix

prologue: Soir de fête Yann Tiersen

o1. Hairclip Nathan Barr

o2. Get Lucky Daughter

o3. Dream Mirel Wagner

o4. Goodbye Apparat

o5. Broken People Thomas Newman

o6. The Slow Drug PJ Harvey

o7. This Mess We’re In Thom Yorke & PJ Harvey

o8. Delicate Damien Rice

epilogue: Transformation The Cinematic Orchestra

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on golden sand: a jack ryan mix

passenger, emily wells / waves, glass gang / sweet dreams (are made of this), emily browning / child i will hurt you, crystal castles / the sea, exitmusic / violent cries, cold showers / freedom, anthony hamilton & elayna bolton

Drifter: an ambient/choral Arya Stark fanmix for reminiscing home and traveling the world

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