I will hold the hand you offer to me; from the summit down to this well, into the dark waters where the small flowers creep for the sun.

let’s go on dreaming
though we know we are


Grantaire was a man who took good care not to believe in anything […] All those words: rights of the people, rights of man, the social contract, the French Revolution, the Republic, democracy, humanity, civilization, religion, progress, came very near to signifying nothing whatever to Grantaire. He smiled at them. Scepticism, that caries of the intelligence, had not left him a single whole idea. He lived with irony. This was his axiom: ‘There is but one certainty, my full glass.’


Undoubtedly they seemed very depraved, very corrupt, very vile, very hateful, even, but those are rare who fall without becoming degraded; there is a point, moreover, at which the unfortunate and the infamous are associated and confounded in a single word, a fatal word, Les Misérables;

"…and we will never be apart."


Drink with me
To days gone by
Can it be
You fear to die?

I am reaching, but I fall
And the night is closing in

Enjolras was the chief, Combeferre was the guide, Courfeyrac was the center.